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Virtual Craftsbury Marathon 2021

Four NWVE skiers completed the 2021 Craftsbury Virtual Marathon Challenge. The scope of the ski was daunting, and I cannot imagine the effort that went into hosting this event back in the day when it would draw close to 1,000 racers! It is hard to imagine the things that used to happen. Today was a ski of reminiscing with some good company.

Things started a little iffy with news that parts of the Great Circle were involved with active logging operations. So, the old, old course was going to be questionable. After a ski on Saturday with Jessica, I noticed that she would benefit from using her race skis, and so would I. Previously, I had resolved not to break them out this season to save on them for next year, but I was happy I prepped them. The newer skis are faster and easier to control.

Luke Shullenberger, Brendan Barden, Jessica Bolduc, and I met at Highland Lodge at 11:00 a.m. to commence on the Craftsbury Virtual Marathon 50km Challenge. Luke arrived early and tested his wax, some Rode Super Weiss. I had prepped the Bolduc's skis with Ski*Go Violet, and I do not know what Brendan was using. Only Luke tested. I was going to test for 100m, but everyone else thought I was starting, so off we went.

Cloudy, mid-twenties, the lightest snow falling, packed powder on the ground, fresh grooming, it was classic skiing perfection! Self-supporting on a long adventure can get hairy, but the worry was