Wax Recommendations

NWVE provides Wax Recommendations for events around New England.  We try to be the first to publish and will update as needed.  We are not sponsored by a specific company, explain the characteristic of the wax we recommend, and the intended advantage.  We will be at many of the races we make recommendations for and will share our test results, and the range of options skiers with different preferences have. Scroll down to see what we are up to!

Anticipated Conditions

February 12, and 13, 2022

Easy waxing will continue this weekend; however, temperatures will swing from the warm extreme Saturday into the cold extreme Sunday.  Expect race temperatures in the 40's with a chance of showers in Woodstock on Saturday.  Sunday we will be in the single digits at Sleepy Hollow.

What We Are Using

Recommendation and Application

Saturday 2/12/2022, Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT, Sweetheart 15km Classic Race

Classic 15km, Mass Start: 1:00 p.m., expect warm temps into the '40s.

Classic Technique

Glide Options: War wax, Swix 8 or 10, Ski-go Yellow, ToKo Yellow 

Kick Options: Start with a klister binder; for kick: Guru Red is my top choice, Rode KM3, Toko Yellow, or Rex 2251 if there is tree debris.

Top Coat Options: Vauhti Pure Race Wet


Sunday 2/13/22, Sleepy Hollow Inn, Huntington, VT, The Mansfield Skiathlon

Classic/Freestyle 6km+6km = 12km, Mass Start: 10:15 a.m., temps in the single digits. 

Classic then Freestyle Technique

Glide Options: Swix 4 or 5, Ski-go Blue, ToKo Blue, Start Green

Kick Options: Start with a klister binder; for kick: Rex Blue, Rode Blue, Guru Green, Toko Blue, or Swix Ice klister

Top Coat Options: Star Next Cold

We Wax for All Laps

Dial It Out Philosophy

Waxing is not that complicated if you want to ski on something that works.  We test for success.  Trying to dial in the perfect wax can create a very narrow window for a dynamic situation.  We account for variability that can occur on course or through the duration of the race.