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2006 -07 Event Reports

2006 - 2007

Event Archive 2006 - 2007: News

Hazen's Epic

February 25, 2007

The Ted Means Memorial Citizens Ski Race was held at Hazen’s Notch on February 25th 2007. This was ten days after the Valentine’s Day blizzard and the snow was deep and plentiful in remote Northern Vermont . This is a small low key citizens’ race where anything can happen and the race directors go with the flow of the athletes rather than dictate rules, start times and any other official business.

This year the conditions were the best of any Ted Means Memorial Race. The crew at Hazen’s were grateful for the recent deep snow, and busily set there trails over the preceding week. They were 100% open, and recent upgrades to trails were paying off. Widening, improved drainage, and new bridges made the Hazen’s experience even better. The skies were completely clear as if the Heavens were looking upon this special place wedged between the majestic Jay Peak and Burnt Mountain . There was no wind and the temperature held steady in the mid teens for the day. Grooming had taken place the night before on the first half of the course and the morning of on the second half. It was setting up nicely with fresh tracks to ski in. The 8k course was in beautiful shape as it looked like it was carved into the snowy landscape with two little tracks running down the middle. If ever there was a perfect day and a perfect place to ski, February 24, 2007 at Hazen’s Notch was it.

In recent years the Ted Means Memorial has been a special race to NWVT. We have had different champions from Scott Magnan, and Perry Bland, to John Bolduc. We have learned that this is a place were classic technique beats freestyle, but later that freestyle means freestyle even when you have kick wax on your ski. Hazen’s is a place where you can feel how the first skate skiers must have felt when they invented the technique, along with the challenges prior to the wide freeway like trails that dominate the skiing scene these days. Stepping onto the trails at Hazen’s Notch is stepping back in time.

This day was made to be a beautiful backdrop to a fun event. But an old score was to be settled. Before we proceed lets take a look back to last years race and the tension that mounted and carried over another year:

A long standing tension has existed in the Bolduc house. As talented as the Bolduc children were in athletics none has ever beaten their father, John in a competition. Whether it was Tania who blazed trails and laps on the track setting the endurance standard, or Demetre who killed John LeClair's penalties, or Damian who had the heart to go 48.00 in the 400m or Phil who would win high school invitationals and events in the meet of champions to Andre' who came in to skiing with strength and guts, none has ever beaten John Bolduc. It has been suspected that he is very selective of his events. Perhaps not competing against his children after they turn eight to maintain his record as unbeaten. The fact remains that no matter how good or strong we get; we have never beaten our father in a race or game. Today at Hazen's Notch John lined up in a race where all was equal to face the music. Today was Damian and Andre's chance to beat the unbeatable. Damian age 28 in his biological prime, and Andre' peaked for this week's State Championships, with family as witnesses, the race began. John was off early in the interval start. Andre' left 10 minutes later, and Damian two minutes thereafter. The race course had a long climb of about 4k to start, then a 3k loop, then back down the 4k. Andre' was able to over take John on this climb, Damian made up the ground as well. Finally after years of waiting for the chance the old man was going down. As Damian and Andre' cruised through the course leaving John in their snow contrails it looked grim. How could he make up the ten minutes they had taken out of him in the first half. Could John a patient thinker find a way. And then he got a break. Andre' blew through a blind turn, and continued on back to the lodge where he finished, going in the wrong direction on the wrong side of the road. Damian missed the same turn as well, and followed the tracks set by Andre', BFA Coach Scott Magnan, and BFA teammates. However Damian knew when he arrived at an intersection that he was off course and began back-tracking. As he back-tracked he encountered the rest of the field and instructed them that they were going the wrong way. They paid him no attention, as did he, when he passed his wife, Jessica Bolduc, and fellow citizen racer Dave from Champlain College . As Damian made it back on course, there was John, the only athlete to make the turn, plodding away steadily with the mind to make the right decisions and complete the race course as planned and laid out. Nothing more. Nothing less. He studied the map and knew the trails names. John remains unbeaten by using the largest and most important muscle of all, his BRAIN! Though Damian was able to overtake him again and finish having skied the whole course plus 3k. He had to concede defeat to the man 32 years his senior with 8 grandchildren. An ancient fable came to life today at Hazen's Notch. Slow and steady wins the race. It does not matter how fast you go, you have to finish to win.

This defeat was so profound that it sparked the only ski business discussed at the annual NWVT Banquet last year. Perry motioned that 2007 would be the year the dream was over, and Damian seconded it.

After much planning and promotion only two athletes showed up for the race. Reigning Champion John Bolduc, and last year’s also-ran Damian Bolduc. Hoping to be relieved of racing and continuing the dream by babysitting granddaughter Camille Bolduc; John’s Plan A was cancelled, Damian had come alone to take care of unfinished business. John was forced to toe the line and face the music of 20 years worth of affliction being the unbeatable who refused to compete. Only the race director and his assistant would witness what would transpire during the event. John formulated a new plan.

He knew Damian would make no mistake. He had been taught by the best to put someone behind him and never see them again. Damian believes that once overtaking someone he breaks them and takes their spirits to serve him on his quest to defeat anyone who stands in his way. Once Damian latches on to an opponent he not only wants to beat them to the finish, but completely exhaust them physically and mentally so that the next time they meet the other will concede without a fight. This is how he competes, and drives him to keep coming back always motivated for the next time. John knew this was going to be the next time.

With an hour before the race John worked on a new plan. He studied his opponent and contemplated his fate and how to preserve it, or at least prolong the inevitable as long as possible. He came up with a three tier plan. First he exploit Damian’s weaknesses. He was in luck, Damian’s balance issues had been exacerbated by an inflamed tibial nerve as the result of the seasons many and long classic races. Damian had to switch to a less supportive boot to relieve pressure on his painful nerve. Next John visualized himself as the strongest skiers of our time. He would be Bjorn Dahlie skiing flawlessly on the flats and up the hills, then for the third part he would transition into Bode Miller as he would take every risk on the down hills to gain speed, saving time; knowing Damian will sacrifice speed to stay upright in these situations.

10:00 a.m.: Chief time keeper Sharon Anderson started her watch. Do not worry the kitchen clock had stayed home but the watch was still the old fashioned analogue type. At this time Race Director Rolf Anderson requested Damian wait 15 more minutes to allow him time to finish grooming the second part of the race course.

10:01 a.m.: John was off and put his plan into play. Using his Fischer touring skis he opted to stick with the two year old wax job that served him well last year. The also happened to be a little wider then the average race ski. John enacted phase one of his approach. He obliterated the tracks with his skis. The tracks Damian is so dependent on for balance. John left large divots gouged into the corners to through him off even more. John envisioned Bjorn’s perfect technique and drive as he skied across the road crossing he new Damian would remove his skis for, and kept the vision as he climbed up Burnt Mountain . He thought of Bjorn’s huge lungs, and his matching heart pumping fresh oxygen to his muscles like no other human can. He kept his vision clear as he skied on this historic day.

10:16 a.m.: Enough waiting. If Rolf was not done grooming I will just ski over him. Damian was on a MISSION . Damian encountered the mess left by phase one of John’s plan. It would not matter. Damian had his own vision, and it included power, domination and thrashing was an option. As he approached the road he contemplated if he would remove a ski and hop across or just go with it. He saw his father’s tracks but the thought of scuffing his bases was too much. He removed the ski costing him valuable seconds. As he climbed Burnt Mountain he thought of how his power has always made him a strong climber. He saw where he went wrong last year and this only fed his drive. As the race course approached the abandoned orchard, a peaceful, open beautiful vista, Damian caught John. This was the moment. This was where it would take place.

10:39 a.m.: The time had come to hand over the crown. The time had come to end the dream. How would this be executed? John hesitated he briefly stepped to one side to surrender, but chose not to. He got back into the track and would make Damian go around him fighting to the end. Damian pulled along side and only few words were exchanged. “Are you feeling ok?” He asked. John replied “I am doing alright… Anybody else show up?” No said Damian as he pulled away.

10:39:20 a.m.: The deed was done. Now Damian thought of what to do? Should I ski it in with him? Only to drag this out? Damian pressed on as thoughts and reflections raced through his mind.

He carried on through the amazing switchbacks and working sugarbush. As the course rolled through the woods, over water bars, under sap lines, around a summer camp and back to the finish he thought about what he had done and what he should do. He knew it was the right thing to do. It was some weird way of being respectful. To not relinquish defeat to preserve a fantasy. To do so in a manner that was a 100% effort, would show the seriousness of the undertaking. To not do your best in such an important race would be an insult. That is what John taught, and Damian learned.

11:01:50 a.m.: Time stopped. “You did a 45:50 Damian, good job.” Carol stated as she entered the result into her ledger. “It sure is a great day out here, I cannot believe people are missing out on this skiing. I wish more had come” Damian stated exhausted. Carol just looked over her glasses. Damian changed and then headed back out to see his father in. He skied back out to the meadow near the summer camp buildings and along came John skiing in down the last hill, emulating Bode on a perfect run, sweat drenched and happy it was almost over. “Great job Pops kick it in to the finish”

11:16:55 a.m.: It was done. “75:55 John. Second Place !” exclaimed Carol looking at her watch.

After we went in to have the awards ceremony. John asked how Damian’s foot felt, and noted where Damian had put his face through the packed snow on one of the corners. He did most of the talking. Damian only responded exchanging past memories and reflecting on the race that day. John told him his plan, and wondered why it took Damian so long to catch him up the hill.

They had awards and the usual talk with Rolf about how to get more people to the race, and an interesting conversation with a local bee keeper. John went out to continue enjoying the day and Damian left still wondering if he had done the right thing.

As they parted ways Damian realized the only demons he captured were his own. The ones he had raced for over the years. The unattainable thing he could not have. He had never beaten his father at anything until this day, and his reward was the realization that if he had sooner he would not have chased the dream as he had for so long. John saved and protected that until this day, until Damian could realize the magnitude of it and how it had determined so much of what he has done. Damian earned it back respectfully under clear skies at Hazen’s Notch, at the Ted Means Memorial Citizens Race, February 25, 2007 at 10:35:20. It could not have happened in a better way, quietly, peacefully, witnessed by nature in the middle of nowhere. The only shame would be to forget the lessons and let the dream die out within him.

Spring Fling 2007

March 24, 2007

2007 Spring Fling

NWVT sent a small contingent of skiers to the Craftsbury Spring Fling. This is a rolling 15 or 30k annual event that has a strong following and fun atmosphere. The day starts with a 500m lollipop race, followed by a 2 and 4k event before the main event gets started with the 15 and 30k skiers. Historically NWVT has had great success at this event with athletes having stellar performances, and everyone having a good time as they share the experience at the post race Bar-B-Q.

Today’s conditions were the best we have seen all year, and are therefore deemed perfect. The sun was out for most of the morning, temps were comfortable in the high twenties and a moderate wind blew throughout the day. The snow was freshly groomed; the trails were solid and at least two skiers wide. The course was the familiar Craftsbury Spring Fling double loop that starts in the soccer field out to Murphy’s Field around Duck Pond back onto the race loop to Ruthie’s Run onto Sam’s Run then the climb up Race Loop, and back to the center for another lap. This is a challenging, but very enjoyable course with diverse scenery for those who wish to look while racing.

Things got off to a fast start with the 120 skier field charging for position out of the stadium. Poles snapped and skis cracked as the eager mass skied over itself to get on course. NWVT got through clean and racing quickly got underway. First out, hanging with the race leaders was Jake Hollenbach. He skied with a group that chased Eli Enman who broke out early and held the lead for the entire race. Jake was among 4 other very fast skiers who worked together until the final climb with about 3k to go at this point the group went into each man for himself mode. Jake held his own to finish 4th overall. Next up was Damian Bolduc. Damian was determined to have a much better race than last weekends flop. Things were on his side today as he nailed the wax, made smart racing decisions and kept his head in the race. His 14th overall finish was the best of the season, but he was most proud of the big pass. He had great position in the race early on. Damian found himself skiing in a pack of four lead by the top female skier of the day, Dorcas Wonsavage. The group was keying off her for pace, technique and even feeds. They worked together as they moved up through the field. At about 20k Dorcas announced that Murray Banks was just ahead. Damian had been watching the demise of Murray as he fell off the pack he was working with at the 15k mark. Damian knew he was tired, but that if Murray latched onto the small pack he would be able to rest and regain composure and be trouble at the finish. Damian waited for a steep hill followed by a feed station to make his move. His hope was to keep the group together and drop Murray , and if Murray did catch on, he would have to skip the feed station as everyone else in the group was self sufficient and Murray , bonking, was dependant on the feed and needed it badly. At the base of the hill Damian closed the gap, and let Murray know he was there, with 1/3rd of the hill to go he shifted gears, blew by Murray and crested the hill with a powerful V2. He did not look back, but after the race he found out that his move was very effective and that in a matter of 1k he gapped the pack by a minute. So that was his accomplishment of the season. Next up was Perry Bland. Perry always has a solid race here. He was anxious to start and positioned himself in the second row behind Eli. Perry meant business. He started quickly and found a fairly clean line though the commotion of the start. No deep snow bushwhacking this week. He settled in quickly and put his skis to work. Perry has been on the upswing with skating technique and today was just a continuation of his recent success. After the race Perry stated “When you have it you just have to keep it going.” in reference to his streak. Ilke Van Genechten was back racing in Vermont after a trip out west to the American Berkie. She skied a solid race to finish as the 3rd woman in the top 25 overall. She had an impressive race as she held position after the group she was skiing with fell apart after the first lap and she was forced to ski against the wind without the support of other skiers around her. Kevin Bessett skied well, but could not find the groove that the other competitors had. He is making a transition to the bike and was feeling the effects of a workout schedule prioritized toward that. He skied the first lap with good company, but fell back a little on the second; he still had a strong finish and looked good coming in. Dhyan Nirmegh suffered the fate that Damian had last weekend. Slow skis. He skied the first lap strong, but as the temperature rose and the sun switched over to a light drizzle his skis bogged down more and more. He dealt with what he had and by the finish found reason to bring it in with a strong effort and salvaged something out of the race. NWVT had two women compete in the 15k event as well. Jen Miller and Samantha Martell both had strong races and enjoyed a great day to ski in Craftsbury. After they ripped up the one loop race they came out to support the rest of the team finishing the 30k.

NWVT’s favorite competition has been absent all season, but made it out for the Spring Fling. Bill Farrell was in shape and ready to go when he suffered 4 broken ribs as the result of a serious fall. He went through the motions of the 15k, and joked about what he has missed out on. It sounds like he will be back next season ready to pick up where he left off last year.

As the season winds down NWVT has a lot to be proud of. We have had an outstanding season, and exceeded many of our goals. We enlisted several new members who have contributed greatly to our success. We have continued to learn and build as a team, and the pay-off keeps getting better and better as we improve together. Each member has strength and something to offer. The competitiveness within the club and for the club has been unbelievable, as we respect and are happy for those who have good days, and are there to help people through an off day with encouragement, understanding and knowing that it could be anybodies day on their best day. I hope that everybody feels the same, and knows that each member is appreciated and valuable to the club’s success.

Rangeley Lakes Loppet

March 10, 2007

Rangely Lakes Loppet

NWVT fielded 11 strong skiers for the final club race of the season the Rangeley Lakes Loppet. The racers made their way to Maine in various ways, some leaving a couple of days in advance, others through the heart of the last snow storm, and one who opted to show up the morning of the race. Every ones efforts to get to the race paid off as strong results were posted as well as simply finishing in the challenging conditions were an accomplishment. Many skiers from other clubs did not complete the race but NWVT skiers stayed tough and all 11 completed the race with excellent results.

The Rangeley area was blanketed with 16” of fresh powder from the snow storm on Thursday and Friday. This was cause for an hour delay in the start time for the race. As skiers arrived and checked out the course around the center things looked great. The snow was fast. The temperature was in the high twenties and rising, the sun was bright, and there was very little wind. The trails were freshly groomed with all the seasons’ snow as a base and deep top coat of fresh snow. It seemed that things were setting up for a great event.

The Loppet started with the 50k wave followed by the 25k wave and then the touring wave. Skiers were excited to get underway, but as the stadium funneled skiers onto the narrow trail a skier got tripped up and a chain-reaction pile up ensued. NWVT’s Perry Bland opted to go off the trail into the deep snow to avoid getting in the tangle. He worked his way back onto the course from the waist deep snow and resumed racing. The rest of the clubs 50kers were ahead of the crash. The next big challenge came about 2k into the race. The groomed snow that was not packed by the weight of the groomers tracks in the center of the trail was still soft and gave out under the stress of the racers. This created a “mashed potato” snow condition that made skiing a test of innovative technique, balance and perfect power transfer. To do anything else was an extremely taxing waste of energy. The next challenge came from above. The sun was strong and heated the air and the snow quickly. The snow began to melt. NWVT’s Damian Bolduc was the first to fall victim to draggy skis as he had a fine cold grind on the bases with very little structure. So as he skied they seemed to work more like suction cups than the precision racing instruments they were last year at this race. Damian slowly dropped back as those with faster skis went by. Eric Tremble had an excellent start and skied with some of the top guys for most of the race. Tyler Magnan was also off the front of the main pack in a group of strong skiers. Dhyan Nirmegh was in the next group keeping them in sight and then Lary Martel and Kevin Bessett worked together in the main pack. Perry having gotten off to a bad start steadily worked his way up and caught and went by Damian at the end of the first lap. As skiers took to the second lap everyones’ skis had fallen victim to the wetter than expected conditions. But due to the sun’s heat the snow in the middle of the trail became sticky and was packed by the tour’s by the time the marathoners came for round two. Anything can happen in a 50k race. Tyler and Eric had excellent races hanging tough to the end. Lary and Perry continued to move up through the field while Kevin stayed steady gaining position on skiers who tired as the race went on. Damian was slowly gaining as the rest of the fields skis slowed. Nirmegh had missed a few feeds and started to pay for it as he ran out of gas around the 35k mark. As the marathoners came in to finish Tyler skied strong to the end, Eric faded a little in the final k’s but still held on for an excellent result. Lary kept the pace up and had his best finish in a freestyle race. Perry worked his way up through the field and to 2nd in his division. Kevin finished with an outstanding performance after a tough season. Damian out sprinted a local to take 2nd in his division, and Nirmegh suffered through to a second wind and held off eight skiers working together in a pack for the last 5k to make the first page of results.

NWVT had some strong performances in the 25k as well. Starting in the second five minutes after the first they had to negotiate around the carnage left by the marathoners. Broken ski poles, and hats and gloves severed from bodies littered the trails, as well as discarded water bottles and gel packets. As they made there way around the loop on the massacred trail they found souls dropped from the 50k field. One that they encountered was Jesus Tamez, a friend from the Mad River Valley , who was wondering who brought the gravy for all the mashed potatoes. As they sailed by the inspired some to get back into the race and caused others to drop out. Scott Magnan was the top NWVT skier holding his own in 4th place and winning his division. He caught and passed most the 50k field and offered encouragement to fellow club members on his way by. Next up was Evan Martel. It was his first race of this distance and he did not know what to expect. He handled the conditions well and found his way up through the 50k field as well. He finished a solid 9th and won his division. Jessica Bolduc had the skis with a warmer grind and they worked in a big way as she won the women’s 25k out right. Samantha Martel fought to a top 20 overall finish and won her division as well in NWVT fashion in the 25k for the clean sweep.

All racers should be very happy with completing the race. Although the terrain is relatively easy, the snow conditions gave some unpredictable challenges. The never quit club rule also played a big role as other clubs such as CSU had some of their top skiers pull out early. In a preliminary calculation of results NWVT scored 78 points, CSU… 77. If this holds true, let it be known that every point counts! On another note last week at the Bogburn we beat Ford Sayre. I had the privilege of skiing with their president and he brought up the points series and commented on how strong our team is. It will be exciting to see what the final tally is for Rangeley and the season.

Bogburn 2007

February 24, 2007

NWVT proved itself once again at the Bogburn on Saturday. We had eight men and four women competing making up 15% of the field in the family oriented event. Men raced 13k, and women and juniors raced 7k. Our mixed team scoring earned us 79 points! A very good showing, considering not too long ago we could not earn that many in a season.

The conditions at the Haydock residence in Pomfret could not have been better. Event directors worked all week to get the course race ready. The course was a challenging 7k loop with a variety of climbs, descents, and turns. It is one of the more technical races on the calendar, but a low key environment evens things out. The temps were in the low to mid 20s, with a light breeze and bright sunny skies.

NWVT racers arrived early and visited with each other while testing wax. At the last minute they made their final wax changes and started the race. First away was Perry Bland. Feigning injury Perry claimed he was nursing a sore right quad, and that he was going to see what he could do. Starting in sixth position he had a good group to work on plus fresh tracks. Perry worked on keeping his skis light and recovering between the hills. I believe it was his mission to be the first skier to cross the finish line. Once a season Perry shows everyone why he is the most respected skier out racing every weekend, and this year the Bogburn was that race. Perry not only won his division by 4 minutes, but took 11th overall. Many skiers were sent back to the drawing board as others exclaimed that “I guess Perry was on fire today” while looking over the results. Even Perry went back to have a special look at the results on his way out. This being the last classic race of the season we will all have to think about it until next year. Next up was Kevin Bessett. Kevin picked the Bogburn to be his first classic race in a long time, and started out very strong. After about 1k he pulled out of the track to let Damian Bolduc (who started one spot back) by. Damian proceeded to fall into a trench on a plowed out corner, causing Kevin to question his politeness. Both pressed on together for much of the first lap. Damian was coming off one of his best performances ever was eager to continue the trend even though he was feeling a little under the weather. A little further back was Scott Magnan, having just had a stressful week hosting states his mind and focus were not really in the race. Then Lary Martell, Tyler Magnan, and Dhyan Nirmegh got underway in nearly consecutive start positions. Tyler pulled ahead quickly and began picking off the skiers in front of him shortly into the second lap he went by Damian and continued on. Lary was not far behind and kept pace with Tyler for the second lap as worked his way through the field. Many of those got a good look at the NWVT jersey as Tyler , Lary and eventually Damian moved up through the field. Nirmegh skied steady holding his position among the talented field but was too far back in the start order to be able to catch all of the skiers that Tyler and Lary were working on. At the finish all were pleased with their performances, and happy to be done. The Officials were impressed with how the NWVT jerseys just kept coming in.

In the 7k Women’s and J2 race NWVT fielded 5 athletes. First off the line in start position 1 was Jessica Bolduc. Jessica fought hard and held off the best female skiers in the state who started right behind her. She enjoyed the looping course, but could not wait to get to the finish. With 300m to go she had only been passed by 3 skiers, but had a very talented pack of 6 (including a former Olympian) closing in fast right behind her. She held off all but one in a final surge to the line. Hannah Barden came out for her third race of the season, placing 3rd in the senior division and showing much improvement she stated that the Bogburn was the easiest yet. I think someone should question whoever is picking her races. Ichebods Revenge, Maple Onion 15k, Bogburn??? Or perhaps the local Vermont races are just a cut above the others around New England . The other athletes representing the club were Samantha Martell, Evan Martell and Rachel Shepardson-Rudden. These were BFA skiers using the Bogburn as a training race between State meets which conclude on Monday. However Evan took 5th in the stacked J2 men’s field and Sam and Rachel took 5th and 6th respectively in the deep J1 field which included much of the Stratton Mountain women’s team. They also contributed significantly to our Club score.

It is great to see every one place high in their division. As the seasons go by NWVT keeps improving. Let’s keep the pace going as we head into the final club race of the season at Rangeley next weekend!

Ichabod's Revenge 2007

February 10, 2007

The Northwest Vermont Nordic Ski Club turned out in big numbers to compete and enjoy Ichabod’s Revenge at Sleepy Hollow today. This year’s race course was a very challenging 5K loop that took skiers over Sleepy Hollows highest altitude, and down some of its fastest descents, twice. Awards were held shortly after and several club members enjoyed a satisfying lunch at the Bridge Street Café.

Today’s conditions had temps in the low teens, with light wind and bright sunny skies. The perfect early February day for classic skiing. The course was blessed with 3 inches of new snow on Friday groomed Saturday and set-up with a very nice packed powder. The course started out of the stadium, up a hill for almost 2K then turned down a steep twisty hill for 0.5K then rolled downward before a couple of quick climbs then a fast down into the stadium and then repeated. A majority of today’s racers found themselves off course at one point or another, and sometimes in the oddest places.

The race started out fast with skiers charging out of the stadium onto the narrow trail. Many skiers attacked the hill from the start, and the field quickly spread out up the long climb. NWVT had a continuous presence in the co-ed field of 39 with 10 skiers. Leading things out fast in the mass start were Tyler Magnan, Lary Martell and Jake Hollenbach, the next group had Scott Magnan, Perry Bland, Dhyan Nirmegh, followed closely by Ilke Van Genechten and Damian Bolduc, and then Jessica Bolduc and Hannah Barden. As the first lap unfolded, skier’s abilities were tested and many changes in position took place. By the start of the second lap things had pretty much stayed as they were, but not without a lot of hard racing to the end. The nature of the course favored those with power and control with those with control having a slight edge in the final result.

The final finish order for the club was Tyler Magnan, Lary Martell, Jake Hollenbach, Scott Magnan, Dhyan Nirmegh, Perry Bland, Damian Bolduc, Ilke Van Genechten, Jessica Bolduc and Hannah Barden. Many NWVT skiers placed in their age categories and cleaned out the Maple Syrup at the awards ceremony.

This race served as a well timed mid-season change of pace. The small field and the tough course were fun to navigate. No one was a stranger. Hopefully all are pleased with their result. Everyone should be happy to have gotten out and enjoyed a great morning to ski.

Craftsbury Marathon 2007

January 27, 2007

2007 Craftsbury Marathon

The Craftsbury Marathon is the big one. NWVT had a great turn-out for this race as 12 club members participated in the event. This years Marathon field was very strong and deep with over 600 people braving the conditions to Race and Tour.

Cold is the word for describing this year’s conditions. On the drive over we saw temps range from 0 to -16! Yes negative 16 was the temp at registration. The course was the familiar point to point route starting at Highland lodge in Greensboro and traversing through the scenic Northeast to Craftsbury Nordic Center and then to the Grand finish that loops around the historic Craftsbury Common. The diverse course incorporates all types of terrain with long steep climbs at the start and finish to picturesque flat sections with panoramic mountain views to technical sections that twist over rocks and between trees. The snow was also variable with cover very thin in places. There were icy sections as well mid-winter conditions giving way to almost bare ground. Many of the corners and hills had been scraped down to ice early in the race. Overall the course was in good shape with fast, hard tracks and all the athletes were happy that the host had put in so much work to pull the race off.

Once again NWVT racers were greeted by NWVT volunteers at the starting corral. Seth Maciejowski and Allaire Diamond greeted racers with smiles as they poured into the start area. They also had the duty of skiing sweep on the 25k course after all the racers and tourers had made their way to the finish. A special thanks to these guys for volunteering and helping to make the race possible and enjoyable for everyone. 

The first wave had 5 NWVT athletes competing in the 50k race. Lary Martell got off to a great start and lead things out for the club, Dhyan Nirmegh followed close behind, and Perry Bland, Scott Magnan and Damian Bolduc followed in a pack a little further back. As the race unfolded NWVT team work prevailed once again. Scott pulled away and caught a talented group Lary was skiing with and worked together keeping each other in sight most of the race. Damian and Perry pulled a great group of skiers up to join Nirmegh and they skied a majority of the race trading leads and keeping each other motivated by taking advantage of their own strengths, making the others always work hard and keeping the group honest as they made their way to the finish. On a hill after the 35k mark NWVT member Mike Cain was out on his annual tour to watch the race and support the club. It was also around this point that the race really began to break up as the large packs became smaller with skiers pulling away and others falling back. For the most part NWVT kept it together with Scott and Lary pushing on, and Perry and Damian staying within sight of each other. Scott was the clubs first finisher in 30th place, Lary was second in 34th then Perry came in 45th with Damian close behind at 50th, Nirmegh finished things up in 80th place. 

The second wave had 3 NWVT athletes. This was the first Craftsbury Marathon for any of them, and their results were very positive, hopefully indicating more marathons in the future. Ilke Van Genechten found herself skiing with the leaders of the race early on. Thinking that she may have started a little too fast, she skied her own race as the race winner pulled away. She used overtaking first wave skiers as motivation and took 9th overall woman and 3rd in her division! Jessica Bolduc opted for the 25k race. She used first wavers as targets and strong technique to hold off a pair of Vermont ’s top junior skiers. She finished the difficult half marathon as the 4th woman and first in her division. Club new-comer Maria Cimonetti entered her first ski race in a long time. This accomplished tri-athlete was a former nordic skier who chose the Craftsbury Marathon to test the waters again. She had a solid finish in the 50k, taking 3rd in her age group.

Tyler Magnan was NWVT’s sole third wave skier. Tyler took it out pretty hard leading the 3rd wave by 5 minutes by the 20k mark. He offered support with a quick cheer as he passed NWVT’s 2nd wave skiers and blew through the field. He had the extra challenge of having to pass skiers from the previous waves, containing a lot of slow traffic from the first wave. He went on to finish 4th overall in the 25k behind first wave skiers who had the benefit of open tracks. 

It was a very exciting day for everyone. I hope everyone is pleased with their accomplishment, and contribution to the club. Be it a little cheering, volunteering, or team work, every little bit helped make it a great day for NWVT. It is great to see big results from a little club.

Mt. Hor Hop

January 6, 2007

Nine Northwest Vermont athletes traveled over to the Northeast Kingdom to participate in the Mt Hor Hop freestyle race. The unexpected snow storm that made traveling treacherous made the racing great. Conditions at Mt. Hor were comfortable in the mid teens, no wind, and a steady light flaky snow falling. Spirits were high though many just barely made their races. We all knew that we would at least get a good ski in. The 10K course was the challenging lower case y out and back and out and finish promised by the race director. Racers started up a 2k hill at 30 second intervals and then continued on to long rolling hills throughout the race until finishing down the 2K hill they started up. The race was well attended by skiers of all ages and abilities. NWVT fielded 7 men, and 2 women, all had very strong races and looked impressive for the first race of the season. It will be interesting to see how close things were when the results come out.

Finishers in alphabetical order were:
Jessica Bolduc
Sam Martell BFA

Perry Bland
Andre Bolduc Clarkson
Damian Bolduc
Scott Magnan
Evan Martell 5K BFA
Lary Martell 
Andrew Moskowitz Clarkson

BFA Alumni Citizens Race

December 31, 2006

Here are results from today's race. Thank you all for coming out this late in the season. Thanks you very much for your donation's, Once we have enough we will all enjoy smother trails and tracks. I also attached some old results so you can compare. Coach

2007 BFA/NWVT Alumni/Citizen race results

Name Time 
Tyler Magnan 20:40 
Andrew Moskevitz 21:10 
Damian Bolduc 21:13 
Scott Magnan 21:56 
Evan Martell 22:19 
Lary Martell 23:43 
Andr'e Bolduc 24:13:00 
Ben Pearce 24:15:00 
Mike Mashtare 25:46:00 
Chris Lamothe 25:49:00 
Sarah Gardner 27:13:00 
Andrew Jehle 27:36:00 
Sam Martell 29:18:00 
Wally Good III 29:31:00 
Cipperly Good 31:04:00 
Wally Good 40:31:00 

Kiersten LaPorte 15:44 
Greg McConnell 16:15 
Cathy Martell 19:43 
Angela Magnan 19:57 
Tania Bolduc 20:37 
Meghan Farrington 24:49:00 

Great Glen to Bretton Woods 2007

March 14, 2007

Great Glen to Bretton Woods

Three NWVTers also had a great ski on Sunday in the
Great Glen to Bretton Woods marathon in New Hampshire.
After the warm Saturday, we woke on Sunday to 5
inches of fresh powder and temperatures in the mid-20s
with snow still coming down. Over the course of the
day, we were met with intermittent snow, sun, and snow
in a variety of conditions. In general, conditions
were excellent, with the worst conditions occurring on
the snowmobile trail sections of the course. Seth
Maciejowski skied the 50km race, and placed solidly in
the middle of the pack of 150 racers. He felt he
could easily and substantially improve his time with a
different wax job -- he had extended his wax pocket
too far and didn't have enough glide, leading to some
frustrating experiences passing other racers on
uphills and then being passed by them on the descents.
Despite these frustrations, he enjoyed the course and
felt that he had set a baseline time for future years.
Hannah Barden and Allaire Diamond skied the tour --
Hannah skied the 25 km tour and Allaire the 50 km. 
They stayed together for most of the 25 km, enjoying
the noncompetitive nature of this event (but also the
feeling of actually passing people) and the beautiful
snow conditions. Highlights of this section were a
narrowly groomed section that included a river
crossing, and the descent on the Dolly Copp road. For
the 50 km skiers, the best part was the roughly 12 km
descent after the 2000 foot climb to the top of
Jefferson Notch, ending at the Mt. Washington Hotel. 
Brendan and Rosa Barden were an excellent support crew
and a great day was had by all!

1-on-1 with Northwest Vermont Endurance CEO

June 9, 2019

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