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John Roderick Marathon 2021

Do you know how much I like to skate ski? As soon as I finished the 15km race, I switched to my classic ski to cool down. But when points for the team are on the line at a race I can attend in my home state in this crazy year, you strap on the skis and grin and bear it.

Skies were blue, temps in the high teens, winds steady, snow was packed with a few slow spots. Trail was hilly with few flats. Our friend Raul Siren was there, along with some college students and young masters. A UMaine Farmington student and CVU alum loved my tights with the Bolton Valley logo (I may finally break down and upgrade to the new uniform).

At my racing level, I was happy not to be lapped by fellow 15k racers in my three laps (unless you count that I was on the lap loop as the 15k winner finished) and passed a few 25k skiers who started a couple of minutes ahead. The start was waves of 6 going out every 30 seconds, self-seeded.

Yesterday I skied 16k at the Acadia NP carriage trails; the only thing that hurts is my feet. Today I might try the Penobscot Trails under the shadow of Katahdin if my feet agree (or maybe I will just tell them to grin and bear it 'cause tomorrow we have to go back to work).

Happy President‘s Day. I hope everyone gets a good snowstorm tomorrow with light, fluffy, easy-to shovel powder!



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