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Freeman Frost White Mountain Classic

Results: https://www.skireg.com/SR/a/107/ffwmc_PrelimResults.pdf

Pending Photos: https://jamiedoucett.smugmug.com/Ski-Photos

Stellar racing continued in New England this weekend as Craftsbury Outdoor Center hosted the Lost Nation Cup Super-Tour, and the New England Marathon Series got underway at the Freeman Frost White Mountain Classic. Popular Racing continued at both events with competitive fields enjoying some excellent conditions. The fantastic early forecast of a significant snow event was replaced with a gloom-and-doom mostly rain wintery mix; however, the storm never materialized over northern Vermont, and New Hampshire and pleasant conditions prevailed.

The staff at Jackson, led by Ellen Chandler, were as transparent about the situation as possible as the race approached. There was a good base but not much snow on top of it to work with. Confidence grew as the weather predictions improved, and before registration closed, an enthusiastic call to have the race was made. There would be modifications, but Jackson was able to uphold their reputation for grooming and event hosting excellence. There was evidence all over of the work done to prepare the course in time for the start.

As racers made their way to Jackson, their eyes were glued to the temperature in the car as well as the forms of precipitation stuck to tree branches. We saw temps stable in the low thirties and snow clung to trees in higher elevations with ice in the lower. As we closed in on Jackson, the snowbanks were high, and optimism grew when we arrived. Relieved with the ease of commute, we quickly got to work preparing skis.