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NYSEF Opener

NWVE veterans Jon Rodd and Tim Cowan carpooled to the historic Van Hoevenberg Olympic complex on Sunday (12/16/18) for the annual NYSEF Opener. I noticed while signing in that a number of the “usual” local masters, including Peru Nordic’s Bob Maswick, Jim Kobak and Joe Korzinecki, were missing from the start list, but then saw a number of them in the lodge. Sheepishly they confessed why they hadn’t signed up – they had inside knowledge of the day’s course and were going to sit this one out. Instead of an easy 10k “starter” to the season, we would do 2 laps around a mountainous route that would have brought Martin Jonsrud Sundby to his knees! Each lap would include climbs up Main Street, then the brutally steep, long and infamous “Russian Hill”, and finally over the top of the Olympic Ladies 5k course before flying down through the Ladies course downhill with its screaming turns, back to the stadium. Later GPS analysis indicated the course actually totaled 11.45 km.