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Craftsbury Spring Fling 2018

With the season coming to an end a record crowd showed up for Craftsbury’s annual rite of spring, The Supertour Finale & Spring Fling! Cars filled the lots and lined the road on what was one of those magical ski days where spirits were high, and you realize how wonderful the New England skiing scene is. It was a special year as history has been made and those that achieved it, as well as those who contributed in its making, were all on hand in a celebratory mood. These are not your typical Olympic Medalists that have a stump speech and tour, they are active in sharing their experience, accessible to the youth, even letting them hold the hardware, and then they demonstrate their talents in front of the home crowd! Heck, there was nothing really stopping you from getting on the line to see how you fair against them. Where else do you get an opportunity like this! Watching the super tour was quite a primer for the Spring Fling. I even heard there were over 100 DOR registrations. The Supertour Loop was Craftsbury’s new grueling 5km race loop featuring a fast start and little recovery. The men raced three laps, and women raced two. Comments on how effortless they made it look were common at the b