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Craftsbury Opener


This will be my first race report from observing the event via a live feed from a snow-cam! The 2017-18 season got underway over Thanksgiving weekend with the Craftsbury Opener. Craftsbury has opened and maintained a Man-made snow loop for about two weeks now, and Strava users have burned a hot spot into the Upper and Lower Stadium visible from Mars.

Racing got underway on a Blue-Bird day as scheduled at 10:30. Skiers left the start at 30-second intervals. The course was the Craftsbury Gerbil Loop a Cause Awareness Ribbon shaped kilometer + a little for good measure that features Chip Hill, Teaching Hill, and some flat sweeping turns. Something the course does not feature is recovery! Temps were in the mid-thirties to low forties, and wind did not appear to be much of a factor.