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Northwest Vermont Endurance

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Northwest Vermont Endurance, Inc.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and improving endurance sports in Vermont.  NWVE is a NENSA affiliated club serving Northwest Vermont and those with close ties still here at heart.  We have a strong commitment to enjoying nordic skiing in the Northeast and use our network to attend events with fellow skiers enriching the experience while growing the club and supporting the sport.
We pride ourselves on inviting nordic skiers of all abilities and interests to come out and enjoy the experience.  Be it a high profile international event or a local group ski you will find a supportive crowd that appreciates any accomplishment.  We look forward to the snow, and feed off each other's energy to make the best of the season. Club members enjoy an informal organization that focuses on all aspects of nordic skiing from Elite Athlete training to just getting out the door.  Members range from nationally ranked Masters to two year old first timers.  Our focus is to provide a team environment for those wishing to improve or continue at a new level in the sport.  The recipe works so well that we keep in touch year round running, biking, hiking, swimming, paddling, and more during the off season.





93 Butler Drive

South Burlington, VT 05403 

Phone: (802) 658-1753